Birthday Party Themes


There are several takes on this. Obviously you must choose something that you are sure the guest of honour is going to be pleased with. It also needs to be something which is in keeping with the tastes of the guests of the same age group if it is going to work. Much thought must be given to the likes and dislikes of the special person and his/her peers. Then you can work in what is needed for all the other guests. The focus, however, must be on the guest of honour.

Go with the guest of honour’s preferences. Some people love a smart black tie affair, others a really casual dress down get together. Some are quite content to have a meal at one large table in the normal restaurant surroundings and yet others would love to have an “event” in its own function room.

Do take care if you are thinking of having a surprise party. Not everyone likes this idea. It is not just the shock, which may of course be very upsetting, it is also the thought that they have been deceived by their nearest and dearest. Also if it is a surprise there can be no lovely anticipation for the person to be honoured.

A theme based on the honoured guest’s preferences.

Based on the decade in which the guest of honour was born – the 50s

Based on the decade in which the guest of honour grew up/was a teenager,  such as the 60s